Monday, November 12, 2007

Follow-up to CA Fires

Had a chat with my friend Chris in California. He and his family are doing well. Their house was untouched. Fires from two sides within two miles, but all is well. Was very glad to hear it. He said the devastation is unbelievable and the fire was much like a tornado the way that it seemed to pick and choose houses. Strange how that happens. Kudos to all that helped regain control and help those in need. Support those people in any way that you can.

Still here, still the same

Haven't posted for some time now. Pretty much because nothing has been happening. Well, except for two wonderful football outcomes this weekend. Thank you Badgers, thank you Packers. Always makes Monday seem to go better.

Sam does four things: sleep, eat, cry, poop. I've been able to give him some bottles now. We've moved away from the all natural way because things just weren't going well between Julie and Sam. Not that she didn't try her heart out, but at some point you just need to do what's going to work best. We'll now be spending a ton of cash on formula, but the way he's growing now since the switch is nearly unbelievable.

I'm still not feeling a real connection with him. Don't know what that means. I know he's my son, I know he depends on me, but I just don't have that "I need to see him and hold him" thing going on like so many people do. I've never been a baby person. Guess I'm still not. I'm hoping that once there's some interaction, that will change. Julie has been grabbing all of his attention that she can. She thinks that once he gets older he's going to be my boy. He did seem to really enjoy my first out load reading to him: 4-wheel and Off-road Magazine's article "Toyota Axle Tech." Looks like boys really are wired differently from the beginning. My friend Eric can attest to that after having three girls and then adding a son to the mix.

Going to try to sneak out early today. Nearly 60 degrees right now, but there's a cold front on the way. Plan on pedalling fast to beat the front.