Thursday, October 30, 2008

Odd Thought... Sorry if it offends

I don't think that smells or scents get digested. Why do I think this this? One word - asparagus.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The first trip for free candy happened for Sam on Sunday. He was pretty much expressionless the entire trip up and back down the cul du sac at his Aunt Beth's house. I had been working on getting him to roar like a dragon. He can do it. But do you think he'd do it while in costume? Not a chance. Back at Beth's out of costume he was once again replying to my roars with his own. Dang kids.

I think Sam enjoyed the wagon ride. I think that Julie enjoyed all of the chocolate that Sam received. Trick or Treat at our house is Friday evening/night. Julie wants to take Sam out again. I think Julie is looking for another fix.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Finale?

Starting at the end of April or beginning of May, Tuesdays mean Beechwood. Tonight may have been the last Tuesday night ride and social gathering. I've looked forward to every Tuesday this season. I missed a total of four this year. Missing those few nights made the week seem quite long. Do not know what the coming weeks will bring... especially with going back to Standard Time and probably not seeing much of the sun during the week.

Since this was going to most likely be the last Tuesday night ride, I thought, hey, why not make it a bit more painful than the previous weeks and pulled out the XXIX SS. It felt great to be back on it. Still don't like the fact that I can't get all the hills without a dismount, but I know what needs to be done to accomplish that.

It was a smaller crowd than usual tonight, but that isn't surprising. The last Tuesday in October in Wisconsin after then end of the MTB season will do that. Throw in earlier sunsets and a temperature of 44 degrees at the start and no one really wonders why it's the die-hards that are the only shows. MC, JoJo, Jaybird, JB, DoubleB, Merklein, Melcher, Young Sam, Dean and I all got our laps in. There was some night riding involved, but not by me. I had a great lap (for me anyway) and went back out do hit a couple of more sections that are just plain fun. No spills, clean ride, no breaks. Couldn't ask for more than that. A good way to end.

Dean cranked up the bonfire. Josh lit the cooking coals. We stayed warm. We ate grilled meat. We drank beer. We laughed.

It was 33 degrees when Ben and I hopped into the car to head home.

Whenever this ritual truly ends for the season, I will indeed miss it.

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, October 27, 2008

One of the best

quotes from the Beechwood Blaster weekend:

"I like to blow and I like how I blow."

Who knew that trail prep could be so intimate?


I have lots of things that have happend, but here's a quick post about just one random thought that popped into my head during this morning's commute.

Many bumper stickers of support are seen, especially during the time surrounding presidential elections.

I've seen "Teachers for Obama" and "Verterans for McCain" and I understand these and can see the logic.

On this morning's commute I saw "Irish for Obama."

All I could think was, "I hope you realize it's "Obama" not "O'Bama."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beechwood went well. Cleaned more than I have before, but still having issues with one of the new sections. I don't like it. Probably because I haven't been able to ride it yet. But I just don't like how and where it fits. Maybe that will change with time. Only about two Tuesdays left. I don't have a sitter for this next one. Could be a huge issue.

Best quotes from last night:

It may not be wide, but it sure is short.

A brat on a whole wheat bun... yeah, that's like a Big Mac with a Diet Coke.

Happy Wednesday, all. Enjoy.