Monday, July 18, 2011

Ready for a ride
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Who is that masked kid?
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I been thinkin'...

Protein and carbs. Easy protein and carbs for the 24hrs in Wausau. Was thinking eggs. Good protein. Hard boil them and bring them along. Don't want to waste time peeling them. Could pickle them. Have time to do that. No shell. Open the jar and slam one down.

Carbs? Hmmm.... would be nice to have them in a premixed container.

I think it's settled...

Pickled eggs and Schlitz it is.

Happy Monday all y'all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cherry Pickin'

1st lap tonight was bad.... really bad.... helmet denting bad. Was having huge trouble on one of the climbs. Then looked down and realized that I was in the big ring. Between poor choices of lines and rubbing elbows/forearms with trees, I was ready to pack it in after one lap.

Got back to the car and took off my helmet. Looked around at the perfect conditions and the sandhill cranes flying over head and decided to do something about how I was feeling.

It was time to get my flow back on. I replaced my brain bucket and clipped in. I then headed out to the trail and picked my favorite section of the lap and did it over and over and over and over and over. Started to trust in the Schwalbes again. Found the right lines again. Picked the right gears again. Finished up and got back to the 'baru and found my head energized and my legs drained.

Love me dat feelin'.