Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here he is

Well.... here's the boy. Many, many months to arrive. Couldn't be happier. Not sure if the feeling of being a father has hit me yet though. Don't know when that will happen. He just makes us smile. Can't wait to see what happens when interaction starts. Right now all he does is sleep, eat, and poop. I have nothing to do with the eating so I'm left with him either sleeping on my chest or changing a diaper. It's all good though. Only 193 pounds until he's a clyde!

What I have really noticed is my life is getting back to something more normal. After my promotion in August I had to train two brand new leads so that I would be comfortable with the work situation when I took time off. The biggest hurdle was having them on different shifts. Meant many long days away from what I really wanted to be doing, but perspectives change when you know what's coming. Things have settled down and my workdays are back to a much more reasonable 9-10 hours. Far cry from 12-14.

Short term goals: 1) Get as much time with Sam as possible. He's not even two weeks old and I already see changes. 2) Always set aside time for Julie. She's a wonderful lady and I'm thankful for every day we're together. 3) Get back in the saddles of my bikes. I want to be ready for the planned trip to New Mexico in April. CB, I still plan on meeting you there. Dawn to Dusk

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CTB said...

Congrats Poppa. You enjoy that green slurry in the diapers. When its your own kid, it doesn't smell as bad..Makes a Dad proud!