Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The first trip for free candy happened for Sam on Sunday. He was pretty much expressionless the entire trip up and back down the cul du sac at his Aunt Beth's house. I had been working on getting him to roar like a dragon. He can do it. But do you think he'd do it while in costume? Not a chance. Back at Beth's out of costume he was once again replying to my roars with his own. Dang kids.

I think Sam enjoyed the wagon ride. I think that Julie enjoyed all of the chocolate that Sam received. Trick or Treat at our house is Friday evening/night. Julie wants to take Sam out again. I think Julie is looking for another fix.


CTB said...

LOVE the dino costume. Save me a bag of Whoppers.

Josh B said...

Can that kid ride a bike yet?

Steve said...

He told that he plans on tearin' it up at Beechwood next season.