Sunday, March 15, 2009

My New Trainer

Here he is, ready to go on the maiden voyage yesterday. We went out for about 35 minutes. Started with a nice short ride. Actually, after what Rotten had said, I planned on a much shorter 1st trip. The only complaints from Sam-man came at stop signs. He didn't like it when the train came to a halt. We went to the multi-use trail and headed along the river. Crossed some snow cover sections. Had some water crossings. Stopped a few miles away from home at the backside of Dairy Queen. Hey, I'm a clyde, seemed like a good spot to stop. But, since I had no wallet on me, we didn't go in. This was a good thing for me. I may always be in the same division, but I'm working on slowly becoming a smaller member of that division. We turned around and made our way home. Still happy all the way. Trailer pulled great and I'm very happy that I didn't go the cheapskate route. Not that I paid anywhere close to retail for it, but I made the right choice. Rolls great, tracks great, seems comfortable for the rider. Is it noticeable while pulling? On the flats, not really. Uphill? Well, let's just say that 50 pounds in tow makes a bit of a difference. This will serve as a good reminder of one of my goals. We got home, unloaded, went in the house and Sam didn't even want to take off his helmet. Then, last evening as we were leaving for Grandma and Grandpa's for an overnight stay (date night for us) Sam walked to the trailer and wanted to get in. He did the same thing this morning when he got home as he was walking through the garage. Guess he truly likes it. Now it's time to prep Julie's bike. When she gets home from a grocery run and Sam wakes up from his nap, the whole fam-damily is going for a bike ride.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all ya'all.

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ron k. said...

Thats awesome Steve! I'm glad he likes it. It took Syd awhile before she liked it.