Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cows and Lights

Tried to get out of work at three o'clock... four-thirty was the real time, but, I was out and headed north to the private course. Last night's Beech went much better than last week's. Brought the gears again. Been really enjoying the cush and being able to climb everything out there - well, except for the "CX Run" part of False Summit. I choose to dismount and run the hill. Yeah, Joe may be trying to talk me into attempting some cross racing this season, but this big ol' body may be telling me otherwise.

Finished lap one w/ only a small amount - compared to Sam anyway - of cow dung in my treads. Seems some of the neighbor's cows got loose yesterday. The lap was strange for me. Started out pretty normal and once I was warm I felt good... quite good actually. More like I normally would on lap two. There were parts of the course where I felt like I was not in contact with the ground. More of a floating feeling. I'm not sure if this is good or bad. Felt in control, but always preferred to be on the ground with bikes, motos, snowmobiles, atvs, whatever. Didn't get to be unnerving, it just felt very different.

Quick mount of the light as an "in case" measure and I headed out for number two. Felt good again. Didn't really need the light until the Penalty Box section. Must have made a difference as I didn't tag either tree that I did earlier in that short ST piece. Finished in the dark. First night lap out there for me. Very different course without daylight. Glad that I've done one-hundred eighty miles out there this year. Got out of the wet kit, pounded some water and took a seat by the fire. Very pleasant evening.

Out after work with the bro-in-law for some pave.

Word is that Thursday night CX nights will be starting. Have not yet broken the news to Julie that I'd like to ride Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday evenings. Wonder how she will take it.

Happy Wednesday all y'all.

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