Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cows, Broken Hand and the Po-Po

First thing I saw when I was pulling into the Beech. At least it was penned. BTW, there are a number of cowpies on the trail.

Not me. Heal fast and well, Bob. For others out there, the berm/bowl is a wholelotta different at night. And, it may be renamed.

I think he was on a fishing expedition. The "said" reason he stopped me before I even got a chance to get on the road was b/c I have no front license plate and he also wanted to warn me about the few cows still on the loose. Told me that one had already been hit by a car. Glad I made, for some unknown reason, the decision to not have a single beer. Nothing on breath. Nothing in the truck. Hope no one else had any issues.

Happy Wenesday all y'all.

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