Friday, December 4, 2009

Spring Thoughts

I know that this is way early. And, by no means does it mean that I don't want winter. But, I'm thinking that my b-day gift in May should come early and it should be a roundtrip flight to somewhere in the Southwest in say April or so.

It's strange, normally this time of year I don't think that far ahead. But, right now when I do I almost get giddy. I've sat down, pondered, and layed out some plans and goals to be hit step by step. I think what's driving it is the huge let down I experienced from the lack of racing and riding... especially at the end of the season. Now that I no longer see daylight during the week, I really miss saddling up any of my trusty two-wheeled steeds.

Motivation is here now. I need to run with it in a smart way to carry through the next months.

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CTB said...

Big Steve - you always got a place to stay here!