Thursday, March 18, 2010

a couple rides

Last evening, we put a couple new goodies on the bro-in-law's roadie. A 10-mil shorter stem and pedals to be specific. We burned 20-25 minutes of daylight so we opted for the backyard crit. It is really nice having a 1-mile 'round the block adjacent to my back lot line. A few warm-up laps and the 'call your sprint' sessions began.
"2nd fire hydrant. Go!"
"Street sign past the driveway. Go!"
"Driveway at the top of the incline. Go!"
You get the picture. After a number of these little burners, we did a few sunset cool-down laps and called it a night. Wobbly legs going up and down the stairs afterward. Must have been a good night... or so I thought. Called Chris during lunch today. He wasn't sore, I wasn't sore. Guess it wasn't as good as I thought. I told him that it's easy to modify the crit lap to include a climb that can be sprinted every lap. I'm not sure how keen he was on that idea. I'll talk him into it Wednesday night. Weather pending of course. If we end up indoors, I have just the DVD in mind.

This evening, Julie and Sam went out for a walk with "Aunt" Meg and I hopped on the old steel steed. 70 minutes in before sunset. I hate uphills. I hate headwinds. I really hate uphills into the wind. I love being on my bike. Especially when it's still mid-March in Wisconsin and there's no need for booties, long fleece-lined legs or long sleeves.

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CTB said...

Love the 'call your sprint' session! Sounds like good clean Amurkan fun.