Monday, April 12, 2010

Urban Ride

Well, Flagstaff urban. A bit different from normal urban. Did the urban trail with some built in sight-seeing with Dana, Chris' wife... aka Rocket Girl. She was very kind to me today and there was no dropping of the big guy. Have no idea how far we went battling with the wind off and on. Think we were out for a bit over an hour. Pavement, gravel, some dirt and a little cyclocross up an embankment at the end of a double track. Nice little spinning ride. Big thanks to my tour guide. Oh yeah, the dos finally arrived... in one piece even.

1 comment:

Josh B said...

I like the pic of you and d, but if only you moved the camera a little to the right and you moved a little to the left it would be perfect.

Like the pic of your bike.