Sunday, October 3, 2010

Better to Build than Burn

Got together with Jay today to rebuild Apex Bridge at Beechwood. The large willow trunk that it crossed cracked some more and it had become quite sketchy. We pulled out the old pieces, did some eyeballing, some marking and Jay free-handed a few cuts with the chainsaw. Voila! Level anchor points. Okay, they're off slightly, but we'll call it close enough. Put the pieces back on. A little bench-cutting on the trail at the entrance and exit, and some anchoring. Solid piece of work. Sam and Josie were rolling toy trucks down either side and even they stayed on all the way down the declines. Maybe we now made the crossing too easy. But, that remains to be seen. When at the peak while riding over, looking to the right will have a rider seeing seven feet of nothing but air down to the ground.

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