Monday, June 13, 2011

With age comes... wisdom?

That certainly wasn't the case yesterday. My legs aren't bothering me today which means all of my issues yesterday were cause by my own stupidity. Forgetting to eat!? I know, you look at me and it looks like I've never missed a meal. I was so geeked up to get out of work and get up to the starting point that I just wasn't thinking. Causing myself the world of hurt that I did was utterly ridiculous , inexcusable, etc. Lesson learned. Beech tomorrow night. Only question that I have to answer tomorrow morning is what to put on top of the car in the morning... single rigid or geared squish.


CTB said...

Sounds like two good options. I'd take a big wheel just to be at the Beech.

Big Steve said...

Well that doesn't help my decision... they're both big wheels.