Thursday, March 6, 2008

Am I Missing Something Here?

The possible change to the Wisconsin State Constitution regarding voter photo ID did not pass. The Milwaukee County Arm of the Law did a 3-1/2 year study and produced a 67 page document that outlined the voting fraud that happened during the last major election. In my eyes, this is unacceptable. I must show ID when I'm at work, when I use my debit or credit card, when I write a check, when I cash a check. I went to pick up some medications today for sick family members and I had to show photo ID to the pharmacist before I could buy an over-the-counter cold symptom remedy. Yet to vote - one of the most important things we may do for our country - all I had to do was tell the volunteer my last name, first name, and address. I received a ballot and away I went. Heck, I know my neighbors' names and addresses. I know some of them didn't vote. What's to stop me from from saying I'm one of them and casting a few more votes? In my case, morals and ethics. As the documents have shown, not everyone has high standards of themselves. Why is it our lawmakers deem this a permissible practice? Can someone enlighten me? I'm open to reasonable explanations and even not so reasonable ones.

Julie works in a dental office that sees Title 19 patients. These patients, through various means, have come to rely on tax dollars for their health care. This can be a very good program when used properly and enables those who are in need of health care to receive it. The office typically double-books these patients. Why you ask? Because the have a 50% failure rate. This means that half of them don't show up for their scheduled appointments and services. Are they unable to get there? That should never be an issue as they receive taxi rides to and from the appointment at no cost to them. Some even take advantage of the cab time and free fare to run errands and go shopping. Others may have reason for not showing, but calling to cancel is unheard of. I know that many private patients can be charged for not showing for an appointment or failing to give adequate notice of cancellation. But these issues are not what got to me. They upset me, but the kicker is, THEY GET A FREE $10.00 GIFT CARD FOR WAL-MART FROM THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM JUST FOR SHOWING UP FOR THEIR APPOINTMENT! That makes free health care, free transportation, a free $10.00 gift card and still a 50% failure rate. Oh, and by the way, there are those that are in this program that do have their own transportation. Some in that group have a nicer vehicle, better clothes, and more expensive cell phones than I have. I don't want to be in the position that I need to be supported by the government. I do like the fact that there are programs in place in case that does happen and I truly need it. But, when I see what is going on, I start to feel that I've been doing things wrong. I see a lot of room for improvement in a program where there is much abuse happening.


CTB said...

I'm amazed that you can vote sans ID - that is ridiculous. As far as the low income assistance, all you can do is hope that 51% are appreciative and don't take advantage of the assistance. As for you - keep busting your ass to pay for those programs so your neighbor can collect unemployment and still watch his 103" HiDef programming.

Steve said...

I feel so much better now. Thanks.

andyH. said...

health care programs (in large) are designed around preventative medicine. because, as anyone who has endured (and paid for) a root canal knows, emergency or drastic procedures are a much larger burden in terms of expense. so, it makes sense that the government is trying to encourage people to partake in preventative medicine with rewards because they know it's cheaper in the long run.

50% is better than nothing i guess.

i am annoyed at the amount of entitlement our fellow citizens feel. and it really is disprespectfull to not show up to appointments. but, not being able to make sound decisions is probably why they are receiving help in the first place. they probably repeat this pattern with jobs, and paying the rent, get the point.

Steve said...

Agreed, Andy. Like I said, I think that the program is good and can get help to those who need it, but as you said, the entitlement factor really wears on me.