Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sweet taters are a hit.
Peas are a hit.
Squash tonight.
Can't feed the veggies to Sam swiftly enough.

Had 30+ people in the house on Sunday to celebrate Sam's dedication to the church. Was a great day with all the family and friends. I'm not really one to enjoy that many people over, I much prefer smaller, intimate groups, but I have no complaints.

Want better weather to get here so we can spend more time outside. Oh well, this is Whiskey-onsin, we'll get out hot and humid weather at some point and before we know it we'll be ready to welcome the cool weather.


CTB said...

Sweet potatoes? Fer crissakes don't kill your son.

Steve said...

Trust me... no more than one serving per day. Bad things happen if he gets that much fiber.