Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Weekend

Got all the A/V hooked up in the rec room. Now when CB visits he can go down there and play PS2 until his departing flight. Finished up a few other small projects. New shower curtain rod. Oil changes in the lawn and driveway equipment. Good share of the garage cleaned up and organized.

C'mon, people, this is exciting stuff here, isn't it?

Did some yard work with young master Nejedlo in his backpack. He spent an hour in it this time. Cleaned up the yard - again... dang dogs. Picked up garbage... dang high school kids and contractors. And, felt the difference between the leaves on a deciduous versus a conifer. Everything is a learning experience for the little turd. Love to see him going through this process. He's really liking the outdoors, that makes us very happy. Sam and the backpack represent about 2/3 the weight I've lost over the last couple months. Didn't realize how much better I was feeling until I strapped on the additional weight again.

Getting ready to leave on Wednesday for OK to see Tim and Laura and the boys. The time away will be good. Taking the clubs to see if I can resurrect my old name. Bringing the skinny tires as well to get some miles on without the guilt of thinking I should be doing something else.

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CTB said...

Rec Room, A case of Rhinelander, a delayed plane....I'm good to go