Monday, May 19, 2008

Need to Re-organize/prioritize

Saturday - Worked from 5a-9a, haircut at 9:30, home to watch Sam while Julie did some volunteer work. Out in the afternoon to clear brush and cut trees.

Sunday - more of the same.

Monday - Dead to the world, body aches, no way I could be a landscaper.

So, what's missing? Didn't make it to Lake Geneva to cheer on the Big Ringers - who, by the way, are having a great season - let alone race. I miss it. I haven't even been on my bike. Saddle time must start now. No exceptions. Even if it means charging the lights and doing crit laps around the school campus at night. Wausau in two weeks. May not even make a good showing in Cit, but the soul needs it.


CTB said...

The Salsa is calling you...

Steve said...

Yes it is... but it needs a new fork.