Friday, January 23, 2009

First Time

Well, it's the official first time of Sam with Dad alone for the first time. Julie is away overnight with a friend so it's Dad, Sam and the dogs. We had a little dinner, went for a little sled ride, read a couple of books and learned how to burp. Well, I burped, Sam just made a sound that I'm guessing was intended to mimic the noise of a burp. We'll have to have some more lessons on that later.

The rest of the night? Well... I watched an older movie that included the line, "You can't handle the truth!" One of the best known of the era. I had been sipping a little rum on the rocks during the flick. That may sound bad, but if you like rum and buy good rum, trust me, it's easy to do.

I then turned to double whiskey old-fashioneds and tried to play a little Guitar Hero. I have a whole new respect for band members that are able to perform while intoxicated. Except for the Violent Femmes. I saw them one time when they were hammered. They were awful.

So, drinking alone and playing video games. Sounds so wrong on the surface. But, any of you that are parents know that when you get a break to be alone and the childeren are fast asleep know exactly what I'm talking about. It was a much needed break from life. It's been a long week. My staff may not be very happy with their reviews, let alone the lack of raise they may be getting. Luckily, my staff and I are not at the level were the wages have been frozen in our company, but the increases certainly aren't going to be what has been come to be expected. I'm sure I'll find out who is and who isn't happy to have employment in this type of economy.

Watching an auction. Maybe I'll have a new fork for the Rocky Mtn by the end of the weekend. I'm jonesin' to get out and do some riding. Haven't been on the trainer much but that's because I truly hate the trainer. I'm thinking that Julie and I will need to set some time aside so she can be on the elliptical at the same time I'm spinning. That should help pass the time.

It's late, I'm half in the bag. Time to go to bed. I'm sure that Sam will be up at his normal time. Doesn't matter to him that I've indulged in adult beverages tonight. I may be suffering tomorrow, but at least I let some stress go tonight.

Happy weekend, all ya' all.


CTB said...

Appleton's Estate maybe?

Steve said...

That would normally be the correct guess. But this time it was Pusser's British Navy rum. Good stuff.

Josh B said...

I am forwarding this to child protection services.