Thursday, January 15, 2009

Went tubing last weekend with the extended family. Had a blast. Even got spoken to by one of the hill attendants. Shame on me. Seems that I have an issue with winter sports, ski hills and all of their rules put in place to protect me and others. Guess some things will never change. Pizza and beer afterward.

Saw the old grand cherokee. Still running. Looks a little more beat up. Guy was driving it like he stole it. But, that's the way he drove away from my house after he bought it.

It's cold. Not just normal cold, dang cold. The kind of cold that makes the snow squeak when you step on it. The kind of cold that makes you feel your nose hair freezing the first breath you take outside. The kind of cold that makes a pugdog walk on three legs at a time depending on which foot is coldest. Am I complaining? Nope. I expect this. I live in Whiskey-onsin. Besides my only complaint is about the coffee here at work. It's free, but it's awful.

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CTB said...

Pizza, beer, tubing, and brain freeze cold weather. Where else but Whiskyonsin or Minnesota!