Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shakedown Cruise

Layered myself up to ward off the lower 40 degree temps and took the Rocky-cross out to Beechwood tonight for its inaugural ride. Have some adjustments to make. Front end chatters a bunch under hard braking. Rear brake needs to be dialed in better. It's been awhile since I've set up cantis. Guess I've lost a bit of the touch. Shifting was pretty good. Need to move the hoods up a bit higher. So, for just taking it off the work stand and hitting the trail, it worked quite well. Hooked up nicely. Ran it up False Summit five times and hurdled some logs on the lap that I set up. Have a lot to work on. Legs have very little left in them right now, but it feels great. Maybe tomorrow I'll hit the local park and try out the "course" that Sam and I walked off a few days ago.


ron k. said...

Are you racing cross on Sunday at Cam-Roc?

Steve said...

Nope, will be cleaning up Beechwood or hungover and cleaning up Beechwood.