Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stacked Up

Got out to the Beech late tonight and by the time I helped Jay put on his new rear brake, I was thinking about not hitting the trail. Joe talked me into it. So I put on the masher, mounted the light and started the pedal strokes. About 1/3 of the way through I had to turn on the HID in the singletrack. As the natural light disappeared, I was feeling better and better and was probably having my best lap of the year out there. Then, out of no where my bike came to a dead stop. I went forward so quickly that all I remember was the "ooommmphh" sound that I made as I came to a dead stop on the ground. If Jay had a seismograph at his house, I'm pretty sure it would have registered the impact. I've been through that spot well over a hundred times and have never had an issue. Never saw the rock that got me. I may have laid there a minute, it may have been five minutes. I started moving when I realized that the mosquitoes were actually bothering me. My limbs were functioning. It took a bit to untangle myself from the niner that lay on top of me. Dirty and bruised, I got up and finished my lap. Couldn't put my forearm on the armrest on the way home because it feels and looks like I'm hiding the top 1/4 of a baseball just below my elbow. I'm sure it will turn pretty colors. Can't wait until next week.


CTB said...

Stacked up, but jacked up on adrenaline! Nice work Steven. Glad you r all right. Be nice to my Niner because Imma buy it from you when you are done.

Josh B said...

so your arm will match the fall colors.