Monday, February 4, 2008

Good-bye Old Friend

Well, you're gone. Should have been gone sooner, but it was tough to let go and part ways. We've been through a lot together and over the course of 110,000 miles you only left me stranded a few times. Water pump - twice. Power steering pump - once. Radiator - once. Transfer case - once. All things considered, you were very dependable. You hauled and towed through things that would never be seen on your maker's commercials. Enjoy your new owners.


CTB said...

Are the new owners keenly aware or completely unaware of just where that HEAP had been? It's kinda like getting a new girlfriend who's great in the sack, but you don't really wanna think about where she's been to acquire those skills.

Steve said...

I honestly answered any questions they asked. Not to mention, I can't help that they chose to look at it at 6:30 at night in the drizzle and fog.

Josh B said...