Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Postman's Motto

Contrary to popular belief the Post Office does not have an official motto, but most people recognize this, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Came home from work early today due to the 3-18 inches of snow we were supposed to get. Must have at least twelve out there right now. Had to drive through some white-out conditions, but luckily it was still "daylight" and I know pretty much every bump in the route so I knew where I was. Came around the corner of our street to see the little white postal truck buried in our neighbor's snowbank with pretty much no chance of getting out. I rolled down the window and asked neighbor Meg what was going on. "He really mad and dropping f-bombs. He won't even let us try to push him out. Meg has 3 kids and a foreign exchange student in the household right now. I went up the street and told Julie I was home safe and grabbed my tow straps and headed back down there. Found an anchor point. It worked, but I don't recommend using the leaf-spring hanger unless you absolutely need to, and proceeded to start yanking on the truck. The snow may have stopped Mr. Postman, but it didn't stop the Toy. He thanked me and offered to get my mail out of the truck. Turns out we had none, but hey, at least there were no bills. I wanted to take a picture of the hook-up but he wouldn't let me. Something about a non-postal truck hooked up and yanking on a postal truck. Oh well.

And CB, next time, don't send the storm our way.

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CTB said...

C'mon - you guys need more salt on your roads. It makes the cars look tougher.