Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1st Beechwood

Being amongst friends outside on a beautiful day with a Leinie's next to me while finishing up work on my bike made for a great night. Even got a lap in. Beechwood is just as painful as I remember. XTR is off the Salsa and back on the Epic. Being mostly anti-shimano, I started celebrating my personal victory of having a non-shimano bike... until I saw the hubs. D'oh! May need to add a new wheelset to my list of wants. Per the landowners, the Beechwood lap was shortened a bit so we wouldn't damage the low lying areas. Not that 9" of rain in two days doesn't damage things, but why add to it, and this was obviously the best decision anyway. The rest of the course was in excellent shape. Even with the couple sections cut out, I quickly remembered why that trail makes you better. 1st time out there this year and it was just as painful as I remember it. Can't wait for next Tuesday night.

Don't think I'll be doing the entire stage race this weekend. It's a cost and return thing I think. CC race on Saturday is normal, but each of the next 2 races are $20 each. Not that $20 for a race is bad, but when they're only 15 minutes or less, seems like that's a lot of dollars per minute. I'll get a much better return on investment spending Father's Day with this guy:

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CTB said...

Shimano Bin Laden must die! - long live SRAM. Of course, if they get dominant then they are the next Shimano. Happy Father's Day Nej