Monday, June 30, 2008

Catch Up

Well..... hmmmmm...... been a few days. Never gave a race report. Reforestation Ramble went better than I had expected. Didn't quite ride it right. Had some left in the tank. I like that course. It's kinda like Nine Mile without all the rocks. Wide open double track into twisty single track back into wide open double track into twisty single track. You get the picture. No real resting areas. Apparently the 12 hour race that is held there in September uses more of the area's single track. May need to check that out. Anyway, I made up 8 minutes on the winner when comparing my finish back in Wausau. I'll take that since the race was 8 miles longer. Still a long way to go as far as improvement is concerned.

Mapped out a nice little Town and Country road ride based from home. 25 miles. Some climbing. Would like to hit this for one or two laps once or twice a week after work. We'll see about the timing.

Beechwood tomorrow. Hope to get the new Reba on the Salsa tonight.

The Epic has been sold and shipped. Really liked that bike, but I have not ridden it since I built the Salsa. Couldn't see keeping it. Plus, had some bills to pay. Still on the hunt for a SS 29incher at a bargain rate.

One more day of this work this week. The plan? Miles and yard work. Then heading up north to my brother-in-law's cottage for a long holiday weekend.

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CTB said...

Nice weekend plan S. Troy! The end of an era indeed with regards to the epic...