Monday, June 9, 2008

The Weekend

Per CB's instruction, I was going to live it up and go full throttle this weekend. The only thing that was full throttle was coming out my backside and frontside. Been a long, long time since I've been sick like that. Weather was full throttle as well. Record rainfalls. Just a little puddle in the basement. Escaped that pretty well. Was finally feeling better Sunday evening. Worked on the Epic to get it ready for the auction block. A few more adjustments and it's there. On a positive note, I found that Nuun tablets are able to get lost fluids and electrolytes into your body even when the stomach is quite upset.

Subaru Cup this weekend. Two days, three races. Want to do the entire thing, but getting the guilt trip about not being around for Father's Day. I'd be back mid-afternoon or so. Will have to see how the week goes.


CTB said...

Nuun! Sing the praises...those little tablets have saved my ass more than once. Sorry to hear about your 'Full Body Cavity Flush'

ronko said...

Go to the races. It your fathers day gift to yourself. Thats what Iam saying.