Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Review

Saturday, few things around the house and made a big ol' batch of chili for the 5th annual cook-off that our friends host. 12 different chilis to be had. All very good in their own respect. I didn't agree with the winner, but that's my own opinion. Mine was too hot for that particular crowd. Oh well. Winning certainly wasn't the point. You could vote as often as you wished. Votes cost $1. All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society. Our little gathering of about 30 people brought >$100 for the cause.

Sunday morning, 9:15 tee time with Marcus, Chris and Stephen (brother and brothers-in-law.) We played best ball and had a blast. Pizzas and pitchers after in the club house and we were off to the in-laws (or parents in Chris and Stephen's case) for Grandma's 95th birthday gathering. Still living on her own. Still sharp as a tack. Mobility is a bit of an issue. But it's great to see her doing so well.

Less than 2 weeks until Sam's 1st b-day. Holy crap... where did it go!? What did I do with my time before? Apparently nothing. I know what I'm not doing now. I'm not biking. I'm not camping. I'm not hiking. I'm not up on pop culture. Not that it's all bad, because it certainly isn't. I really hope to get some more of these scheduling and time demands under better control. We've come up with some solutions, but we'll continue to work.

Beechwood tonight. Always good. Love the Tuesday night getaways. Will need to bring the lights. The waning daylight demands it.

Happy Tuesday all!

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CTB said...

It's great how pop culture doesn't mean sh*t once its gone. Enjoy your ride - or rather - did you have a good ride?