Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Loaded the gears, water and my pointer and we headed to Beechwood last night. I felt faster on the gears. May have just been the feeling, but I'll take that feeling. Clark nearly took me out a number of times last night. It's been nearly a year since I've had him out for a Tuesday night romp. He seems to have forgotten his trail etiquette. A quarter mile in, he doubled back and met me not only on the first bridge, but also the second bridge. There's not room on either for two-way traffic of canine and clyde. Luckily he's plenty spry and doesn't mind jumping off, over and into things. The single track I road felt more flowing that it has in weeks. Don't know why, it just did. Maybe my mind is clearing up a bit and I am more able to better focus. I cut a couple of loops out so that I could keep the dog out of other bike traffic. He didn't need to be the cause of any crashes.

Got done with my abbreviated lap. Talked to a couple of people and then did the obligatory parade lap. Yes, I know it's supposed to be done at the beginning, but when Autumn is just around the corner and the shadows are becoming earlier and longer, I much prefer to use the available light in the woods and use dusk for the field lap. My guess is that we'll have to run lights starting next week.

Grill was fired up and the food was cooking. My thanks to Kevin and Amy for a very tasty jalapeno-cheddar chicken brat. Grabbed a couple of Sun Chips and cheese curds and a water bottle. Enjoyed the conversations and headed home a bit earlier than normal.

As always, it was good to get out there. Thanks to the sharing of Mike and Jay, my Tuesdays really break up my week.

New recipe tonight - Mango chicken salad. Looks like it will be good. Can never have enough good chicken recipes.

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CTB said...

The dayz are gettin' shorter aren't they....charge those lights up fo sho. Cheese curds? WTF are those?