Monday, December 22, 2008

Different Times

There was a time that I closed bars. Wanna know what Julie and I closed Saturday night? Target and Toys R Us. Woo-freakin'-who! Childless for the night and this is what we do. There must be a disconnect in my brain somewhere. I'll have to address that.

Other news:

4-wheel drive is out on the Toy. I'll have to address that with all the snow that is expected. I just don't want to work on it when the temps aren't even breaking out of single digits, or not even cracking the positive side of zero like yesterday.

It's cold. But, we are now on the side of the calendar that means we will be adding, not subtracting, minutes to our daylight.

Got a close look at the Rocky. Better shape than described by the seller. Even has a metallic flake in the paint job. I'm actually geeked about the build. It could be any build at this point. I don't know that I truly need a cross bike. I think I just need to have something to work on during the long, chilly winter. Maybe I'll just build and sell right away. That's a big maybe, but it exists.

Happy Monday, all ya' all.


CTB said...

Metallic flakes? Those are the 80's bands you have in your car stereo right now.

Steve said...

Old fashioned car with old fashioned music. I know that you're familiar with those two things.

I like the metal flake in the paint. It's makes the frame more shiny. I like shiny things.