Monday, December 15, 2008

Quick Review

Friday - Normal night. Little popcorn and a movie at home with Julie. Had put in a max bid on something on Ebay. Fell asleep on the couch. Woke up at 2:45 with a screaming bladder. There may have been a few beers with that popcorn and movie.

Saturday - Haircut for Sam. Complete with product for the hair. Would make John Fischer proud. Well, except for the fact that it smelled like cookie dough. Hard to be a dude when you smell like chocolate chip cookies. Clark had difficulty leaving Sam's head alone. Oil change for the Soo-b-roo. Haircut for Steve. No product. Not going down the road with that particular brand again. Some house cleaning. Picked up some Chinese and headed to the hospital to visit Beth, Marcus and unborn Carter. Things have leveled out and Beth is back home as of yesterday, but she's on bed rest for an undetermined amount of time.

Sunday - Took advantage of the 47 degree weather and got the rest of the ice of the driveway. Played with the boy while Julie did some errands. Put up the tree on the screen porch. Watched the dismal Packer game. Made fifty on the dismal Packer game. Went to get a tree for inside. First one we looked at was the one. There, loaded and gone in less than ten minutes. Just the way it should be. Cleaned some slop out of the garage and checked the downspouts and lighting before hauling the tree into the house. Wrote out checks for school pictures, daycare and hot lunch. Those hurt.

Just finished the last of my Ma Po Tofu in hopes that it clears my ailing throat and sinuses. It seems to have helped, but it feels like it will only be temporary. The weather you ask? 43.8 when I went to bed at eleven last night. 6.6 when I put the dogs out this morning at six. 37.2 degree drop in seven hours.

My max bid? Well, coming in at $4 under my max, this should be here late this or early next week:
Happy Monday, all ya' all.


CTB said...

Maybe a stop at Home Depot, Olive Garden....or Bed Bath and Beyond if you have time? Nice frame - you'll be racing cross in '09.

Steve said...

I would have made those stops, but I went to a bike swap on Sunday with DoubleB.

Josh B said...

When are you going to sell it to Chris and how much are you going to make?

Steve said...

I figuure I'll clyde-thrash it for a couple of seasons and then, because Chris is a close friend, I'll only turn a 50% profit.

Forgot one other thing on Saturday. We also did Lunch with Santa at the Zoo.

What did I do with all my time before?

CTB said...

drink beer, watch E-Bay, watch hockey, drink beer....repeat

So I'll start racing Cross in '11...excellent.