Saturday, April 4, 2009

The $480.00 Skinny Tire

Full 105. The drivetrain may be a bit on the old side, but very, very few miles. One year old Norco CRD 1 frame from a guy in Quebec. A few new parts, a few from the stock shelves in my basement and my bro-in-law has a nice little training rocket. He has yet to decide on pedals, thus the mtn clips for now. He's also thinking a new wheelset and maybe crankset/bb in the near future. This turned out much better than I thought and it really makes me want to scour the web for some finds for myself. Already have my eye on a frameset that nearly my entire ultegra grouppo would fit very well.

So, the hoo koo e koo has been rebuilt. The Norco has been built up. Sam's trailer is assembled and has been put to use. That project list is slowly shrinking. I may have found a few more customers though. Would be nice to have that bit of income to help support my habit. We'll see how it goes. Need to buy some brakes and shifters and build a wheelset and the Rocky will be ready to roll. Should be happening soon.

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CTB said...

Well let's just say you ain't gonna find that bike for $480 at the LBS. Nice work Tim Allen!