Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Over $300,000 for a photo shoot of Air Force One in New York. Really!? Really!? The money is one thing, but the issues/scares it cause the New Yorkers is a on a completely level. The president says he did not know that this would be happening. That's fine. If he did, I hope that he would have sense enough to say no to it. My feeling is that someone thought this would be a great idea so someone could say, "Mr. President, look at this cool pic we got of your plane." WTFE! The lack of communication and the failure to own up to decisions that were made does not give me a warm fuzzy. I have one word to the person(s) responsible for this... Photoshop.

I've decided to buy a new car. I'm getting a Toyota Prius. Nevermind that 95% of my commute is on the freeway where the car get worse mpg than in the city. At least I'll be making a statement that I'm going to scream to the world. That statement? "Someone help me get out of this small ugly-ass car!"

Today is my Friday. I'm headed north for the annual guys trip. If I locate Mr. Jon Stream at the Citgo in Crystal Falls, I'll be sure to send him down Flagstaff way.

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CTB said...

The fact that you remembered to spell JON, instead of the typical JOHN attests to your incredible attention to detail. I guess he was a member of your Fruit Loop Troop. If you hang at the Citgo for more than 30 minutes, he'll be there.