Monday, June 15, 2009

I find it amazing how many wings fans are stuck on Crosby. Chump, Cindy, Cindyrella, crybaby, whiner, wuss, pussy, etc. How good can he really be, he only had one goal in the entire series?


Your team was so concentrated on him that you let the rest of the team beat you. And, if your measure of a good/great player is the number of goals they score in a series, then there are many players who will not even meet the criteria and should not even be playing.

I started my dislike for Michigan fans and their teams in the early nineties because they seemed like such fair weather fans. Not something I was accustomed to as I have always been with people that stuck with their teams no matter what was going on. You may have complained, but you always stuck with your team.

Happy Monday all y'all.


CTB said...

The sad thing is that about 783 people in the entire US even know that there was a game 7 and that Sid the Kid and his team took the favored wings to the mat.
Now look at Michigan...State loses in the finals, Wings lose in the finals, and the Lions went 0-16. At least there's good riding in Traverse City.

Steve said...

Oh yeah, 22 minute climb for a schweet downhill of your choice: single track or fireroad.

CTB said...

42mph on that fire road with Smoke tires buzzing like Mickey Thompson's underneath - dem were the days.