Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reached a New Stretch Goal

Beechwood last night -4 laps. Absolutely shredded my legs. They're toast. Was the fourth lap fun? Nope. Was it excruciatingly long and painful? Yup. Any problems? Yes. The biggest problem is that I want to do it again. I've noticed that I'm finally making little steps at getting stronger out there. The SS is killing me and helping me all at the same time. But, as I said, little steps are being made. Each week seems to bring a better feeling further into lap three. I'll take it. I have no idea how this will transfer to the speed and "endurance" that I'm going to need on Sunday. It is my hope that this will be of great help.

Woke up early this morning and easy-spun on the trainer for 20 minutes. Had trouble turning the cranks when I started. I could feel every area that was cramping last night. Julie was on the elliptical next to me and noticed, as well as commented on, how slowly I was pedalling. I mostly refrained from a smart-a$$ed, cynical comment... mostly. After about five minutes, I started to feel much better and could actually make circles. Sitting here and having to get up and down from my desk, I'm very glad I did what I did at 5:30am. Legs are tired - very tired, but, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, it will be a good thing.

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CTB said...

because at the end of the day...
nice work. If SS's don't kill ya, they will make ya leaner, meaner, and stronger.