Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Big Dog was doing well this morning. I know he was feeling better because he ate. Not at his normal feverish pace, but he ate. I'll take small pluses with him right now.

I hate being on a trainer, but I'll be on it in the basement tonight. Bro-in-law is coming over for the restart of our Wednesday night rides. Soon will be Beechwood Tuesdays. Throw in a couple more rides for good measure and all will be well. I'm growing impatient already.


Josh B said...

Seriously...beechwood soon. Serious cabin fevor man but whatever works.

Big Steve said...

Since I no longer skate or ski I have to focus on something. It works... I'm looking forward to what I want to be and have. If I can work out all the deets for a SW trip in April, that will be the first major focus.