Monday, January 18, 2010

Outdoor Spin

Predicted temps for yesterday were near 40. That made the cabin fever set in a bit. Took care of some small items in the morning in hopes that the low 20s would make it to the near 40s. I waited and waited and waited. The mercury - well the digital thermometer - struggled to break the freezing point. But, it was sunny and didn't look bad out. Layered up and hit the road and scattered-slippery-spot multi-use trail for about 1:10. I was hoping that the Bugline had seen more hikers, but it was far from being packed enough to be rideable. 32.9 degrees when I left; 32.2 degrees and falling when I got back. Seems I hit the high mark of the day. Saw many others out. CC skiing, walking, jogging and sledding. Good to breath outdoor air rather than basement air. I also hit one of my many mini goals on another journey I'm taking. It makes me smile but I must now press on to the next one.

Happy Monday, all y'all.

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