Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Reba

The Reba has been installed and had it's maiden voyage at Beechwood last night. There are so many freakin' possible adjustments on that thing. I got used to get the psi where you like it and it was either locked out or ready to absorb. Got some pointers from Mr. Merklein as he's running the race version of it. That helped. I'm sure it's going to take some more dialing in. It almost seems too plush. I didn't have any big hits on it so I'm not sure if how easily it will bottom out. It did seem to soak up everything much better that the '03 'zocchi that I had on previously. Tracking? I don't know. I was all over the ST last night and I can't blame the fork for that. I just wasn't flowing at all. After numerous near misses - and by near miss I mean they were hits - I decided to just go and work on my biggest weakness... climbing. I went to the hayfield and did grassy climbs until my legs would barely turn the pedals. Then I did one more for good measure, took the downhill to Jay's driveway and headed to the pavement for an easy spin back to the parade grounds. I could tell I was tired as the knobbies were given the telltale woom woom sign of pedal pushing rather than pedal spinning. Concentrated on that the for the mile or so back, parked, pulled off the helmet, drained the rest of my water bottle and popped open a tasty bottle of Stone Soup followed by a tasty Harp, followed by a spotted cow accompanied by a yummy chicken brat masterfully cooked by Chef Josh. Talked to part of our very large group there last night and headed home at about 10.

Woke up today after 7. Stretched out a bit. Legs hurt. Will probably pay for that later today on my ride. Time for some yardwork and then errands as soon as the little man wakes up and eats.

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CTB said...

The Reba - by far the best value for the money out there....and bombproof..nice choice!