Wednesday, July 2, 2008


When out today to do the Town and Country ride that I mapped out (see earlier post if you're really interested in the route.) I was moving a bit slow this morning because, well, I'm on vacation. So I got out a bit later than I had wanted for my quickie. I thought that I would beat the storms. I didn't. I'm going to blame Ron and Andy. They could have kept them in the Madison area a bit longer rather than sending them due east to me. My 25 mile plan turned into 10 miles of nice cruising to 10 miles of time trial like riding. It poured. It was raining sideways. It was large, somewhat painful drops. There was close lightening... not as close as the time in the saddleback of Mt. Humphrey, but close. There was loud thunder. I actually chose to ride the sidewalk part way back out of fear that the vision impaired vehicle drivers wouldn't see me. At least it was warm. Got into the garage, soaked, but not chilled and feeling great. It was a good ride. I took off most of my wet kit and headed into the house. Julie called me some word that starts with a "D" but it didn't matter because I was grinning ear to ear. I'll probably never tell her how bad it was at Nine Mile a couple years back. I hopped into the shower and then I started to feel the 10 miles of maximum effort on top of the hill work from Beechwood last night. So far, great time off from work.


CTB said...

were you humming heavy metal songs on your ride?

Steve said...

Only humming them because I didn't have a duet partner.