Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wonder What the Rattle Is

The Toy has been rattling for the past few days. Bump, rattle, bump, rattle. Really getting irritating. I realize that at 224k on the odometer and 20 years old, there's bound to be some rattles. Crawled underneath to start looking. There are supposed to be 8 nuts holding the axle to the rear leaf springs. Turns out that if one is missing and 3 of the remaining 7 are only finger tight, the rear end of the vehicle will rattle over every bump. After a couple of stores, $1.69 and some wrenching, it's good to go again.

Finished cutting up the tree I took down a bit ago. Now as I look around, I see a few more that should be down. One to make room for a shed and two that are just too close to the house. One at a time and eventually the yard will shape up to what we want. We're still in the process of removing a lot of the things that previous owners had. Everything that they had grew very fast and was very high maintenance. But, they were both retired, they had much more time than we do. I do feel sad cutting down some of the trees, but they had been planted so close to each other that large parts of them are dead. I'm hoping that by removing the dying ones, the others will have a better chance to flourish. We'll see.

One quick errands ride today and that was the only saddle time this weekend. But twenty miles worth of errands on the bike saves a gallon of gas and makes me feel better. Trying to work more of those types of errands in. I've been able to find short cuts and trails that pop me out in the middle of the shops that we frequent. I should have looked for those a long time ago. It's nice to know that we will be able to find easy and mostly safe ways to do our running around.

Hopefully my latest purchase will arrive this week. Won't be in time for Beechwood Tuesday night, but should be here by the weekend.

We're going to try to get out to see Ben during Superweek. He's playing with the big boys in the Pro/1/2 this year. Good luck to him.

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