Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oh Yeah

Rocked the Salsa last night. One moderately hard lap on my own and then out for more of Beechwood "torture" and it was the best night I've had out there in ages. I heard some of the fast guys coming up so I let them pass before some ST and jumped behind to try to hold on to MCs rear wheel. His property, he knows the trails. That speed put a whole new perspective on things. Could I hold with him? Never. But I found the great lines in that section and I think the smile was past my ears huffing and puffing up the next hill to greet the group that had taken a quick break. Did some more ST and hillwork and headed in. Legs spent from the speed that I made myself carry. Lungs burning from the climbs. Really made me get some desire back.

Sam and Julie are at the farmer's market as I type. I'm jealous. I'd much rather be picking out good, fresh, locally grown produce than slaving in the corporate sweatshop. May be due for some off time again. Had saved a few days for CBs visit, but as we're all feeling the crunch, it's not going to happen this year. I'm going to be feeling the need for some steps come Spring.

Julie has really been stepping up on the natural front. Hard surface floors get steam cleaned, no chemicals. She's even started making some cleaning products. I'm trying to get my diet closer to what Sam is living on. My habits die hard. I'm working on it. If I could eliminate the stress, my stress eating would disappear. Fat chance. (Pun intended)

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CTB said...

Beechwood sounds fantastic and it sure sounds like you did a nice job kicking your own ass on that Salsa - good times indeed.