Wednesday, January 23, 2008


It's cold. 1.8 degrees when I left before the crack of dawn. Wonder if the Minnesota hockey moms are grilling out today. Toy didn't overheat, but I had no heat. I'll have to address that issue soon. Told Julie about it when she called. She laughed. She said you certainly don't sound upset about no heat. Told her that if I can't have an old, leaky CJ, the vehicle I have may as well act like one. 20 years old, nearly 218k miles, still runs through just about anything. No heat, windows don't seal. It's all good. Need to add a soft top to it. It'll all be better then.

CB, good news. I've figured out how to froth chocolate 8th Continent in the new 'cino maker. I reckon I'll have me a few of them when I get home tonight.


CTB said...

I'm so proud of you for buying 8th conntinent because you can recycle the bottles. I wish SILK would get the same message.


Liberal Louie

Steve said...

Retread tires, soy milk in bottles that I can recycle, what's next?