Thursday, January 17, 2008

Sour Milk

Well, it only took two days of day care and Sam got sick. Poor little guy. Spiked a fever, lost his precious food, left sour milk puddles in his chair, dehydrated... that pretty much covers it. I know that his body needs to learn how to fend off viruses, but it just plain sucks. Hopefully he'll get back to his smiling self quickly.

Kick-off is getting closer and the temperatures predicted for the start are getting lower. They're now talking less than 3 degrees. Home field advantage? I'm not sure that anyone really wants to play in those temps, even if it is your yard.

I fully expect flat spots on my tires tomorrow morning for the first part of the drive out to the highway to get to work. I'll make sure that I have a proper lid on my morning triple espresso to keep those bumps from spilling any of that coveted life juice during the twenty-two mile jaunt.

Advice for the upcoming weekend: Layers people, layers.


CTB said...

What game? Do you mean the Canadiens versus the Rangers, or the Detroit Shock against the Topeka Amazonwomen? Ohhhhhhhhh, The Packers. Right, sorry, but they don't get any press in MN so I completely forgot they were even playing. I thought the Patriots already won the Super Bowl?

Josh B said...

Come on Chris dont be a hater.

Steve said...

He's just upset. In a nice warm fuzzy world, we wouldn't keep score. Then his Vi-queens wouldn't be the best eight and eight team in football, they'd be the best team.