Friday, January 11, 2008

Daddy's Little High Octane Helper

Well, here it is, small but mighty. Sorry about the focus... I was a bit jittery. Had a cheaper version of this a few years back, but it only did espresso. This one is made of much heavier grade aluminum and has a pressure valve inside. It will do espresso, lattes and cappuccinos. It's a little weak on frothing for cinos, but then again I haven't tried it with real milk. Sorry, CB, you're going to have to have to suffer when you're here. Or we'll have to saddle up and head to Cup-a-Java. Picked the stove top version over the electric. This way it can travel with me and work on the camp stove. Nothing like a good jolt in the morning when you're far from civilization.
How's the training going? Sucks! This one day here, one day there thing isn't doing much for me. It will, however, make me very frustrated when I head southwest in a few months. I had contacted Double B a few weeks back. He doesn't always care for his trainer either, but at least it's someone to suffer with. Makes me more accountable as well. That just seems to work better for me. How long does it take to make something a habit?

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CTB said...

Mmmmm good! Sign me up for a cup this fall. A habit? 2x and its a habit.