Friday, January 25, 2008


It's been a long, cold week. Toy is still overheating. I'll have to address that issue soon.

Many fires at work.

Sick family.

Wonder if I can froth Bailey's.

Ready for a quiet weekend. I have some issues to address.

CB and JB are talking about Old Pueblo. I'm jealous. I need the escape. Can't do it right now, yet I find motivation in them going. Good luck on the rollers and trainers boys. In a few weeks it will all be worth it.


CTB said...

You will have to address that soon.....what, is it a headgasket? Tia Maria froths, so Bailey's should come out not too white, hot, and smooth.

Steve said...

I'll be sure to have it addressed by the time you get here so we have a vehicle to run around the state in.

Maybe we'll need to have a froth-fest to see what comes out the creamiest, easiest going done, and leaves a nice aftertaste.