Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Honda Civic Owners Beware!

I was downtown this morning and chose to park on the street rather than roll up and down the lot to find a parking spot. I had left enough room before the ally for a small car to park in front of me. A youngish male decided that he was going to park there. I was early and was checking some account balances and such while remaining inside the Toy. He backed, backed, backed, backed. Yes, I'm sure you know where this is going. Yup, right into the front end of my old vehicle. I have a steel bumper and steel tow hooks on the front end. The Civic has plastic bumpers. Just after he hit me, he looked into his rearview mirror and realized that I was in my truck. He had a bit of a horrified look on his face, put the car into drive and took off. Why the warning in this title? It appears that a tow hook is more than capable of putting a hole in a Civic bumper while sustaining no damage itself.

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CTB said...

"Oakley makes the shades that transform a tool." I bet he was sporting Oakleys