Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Morn

Julie's Saturday to work. Sam and I are at home. Before he got out of bed, I started brewing my day's worth of Alterra Organic in my Krup's coffee maker. Got Sam up and got his breakfast started. Julie's scratch pancakes from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Hodgeson Mill flour, Eggland's Best eggs, C&H sugar, Michigan blueberries. Real homemade pancakes made in bulk to have the ability to freeze some fore later use. I poured my coffee into my Hell's Backbone Grill coffee mug (thanks CB and DB) and put the rest into my Nissan thermos to keep it fresh and hot without keeping the heating plate on the coffee maker powered up. As Sam finished up his pancakes I was feeding him Stonyfield Farm organic Yo Baby apple yogurt when I caught a whiff of my coffee. The coffee wasn't next to me, but the aroma was saying, "Drink me." Where was it? I can't see it! Where the heck did I put it!? It was at that point that I set down the yogurt and left Sam asking for more while I searched for my hidden black gold. I found it, and had a long draw off it before getting back to my son.

Does all of this make me a bad dad, a slave to brand names or a caffeine addict?

Happy Saturday all y'all. I have chores that need attention.


Josh B said...

If you aint happy, nobody's happy. Drink the Joe is what I'm saying.

Oh yeah, and I am druuuuuuuunk!!!

CTB said...

A month of generic products and you'd save enough to have a cross bike. Nice JB - drunnnk on Whiskyonsin brew.