Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday morning came in with homemade apple-cinnamon-oatmeal pancakes. Most excellent. Could have downed many, many more than I did, but I keep it to just a few normal sized ones and washed them down with a few mugs of good coffee and thermosed the rest of the pot for later use. I've been told that if I switch to more generic brands of goods, I'll be able to afford a cross bike in a few months. Hope CB doesn't mind when I take the Folger's/MJB/Maxwell House or even better still the can that just says coffee and I grind the grounds into an espresso grind for his 'cinos when he's here.

The rest of the day brought gutter cleaning, flowerbed cleaning, leaf cleaning and numerous other getting ready for winter projects including coming up with a way to ensure that our problematic downspout stays connected so we don't end up with water in the basement. Split some firewood and brought some kindling closer to the house.

Took about an hour break in between to grab some lunch and went back to my list. We're pretty much set for winter now as far as outside is concerned. Need to make sure the snow blower is ready, but I gave it a tune-up this spring. I'm not too worried there.

I keep looking at my bike on the trainer. It's set, it's ready to go. Can't bear the thought of it. Think I'll be out in cold weather as long as possible. I'm good for a few more degrees drop.

Happy Monday all y'all.


CTB said...

Too funny! I just inspected a house after a 1-week stay...some dude paying $4,900/week. There was a 1/2 empty drum of Hills Brothers Coffee next to the espresso maker. I guess if you're dropping 5 large on accommodations you got to cut somewhere.

Save the Alterra for my visit this summer - I'd hate to see the ol' #10 can of 8 O'Clock Hazelnut coffee

Steve said...

Yeah... I'm all over saving the good coffee during the long, cold Whiskey-onsin winter just so you can have it when you're here in July. Don't get too upset if you get here and it's gone.