Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Julie and I have had the rule of "no tv during dinner" for a long, long time. It makes us take the time and talk about the day's happenings and other things. Gosh, heaven forbid a married couple take time out of the day and enjoy each other's company and conversation. While I was making dinner, I had turned the tv in the family room toward the kitchen so that I could watch hockey on a 32" screen rather than a 13". I served up dinner and turned off the tv before I sat down. Julie looked at me and said, "You can leave the game on if you want. I know you don't get to see hockey as much as you'd like lately." I looked at her and said, "No worries, it's 2nd intermission anyway." I then got a look from her and heard her say, "Nice timing."

Dang... I was so close.

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