Friday, November 14, 2008

Progress in the garage. Actually have both vehicles in it now... and I beat the snow. Good think I don't live in Arizona, I wouldn't have made it in time. The big help was selling the 3rd set of wheels and tires that I had for the Toy. Everyone needs 3 sets for their vehicle, right?

Anyway, I'm back. One more fire extinguished. Well, extinguished to the point that the chief can hand it off to the firefighters.

Brought in some good coffee today. So much better than the brown cesspool sludge that we normally have. Hate to complain because the price can't be beat, but dang it's bad.

Pretty mellow weekend planned. Julie works tomorrow am ao it's Sam time for me. He's so much more like a little person now. Makes things much more fun, plus he's not yet at the talking/talking back stage... complete bonus. Some more busy work around the house to complete the winter prep and that will be ready. Decent weather report for Sunday. May need to roll for awhile.

Happy Friday, all y'all.

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